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Once you decided to lose weight and you have a weight loss goal in mind, weight loss calculators will aid you to adjust the goal date to reach a manageable level of calories. To estimate the weight loss, this calculator provides a basic evaluation of the time taken to lose weight. To calculate your optimal daily maintenance of calories you can use the calorie calculator.

To lose weight it is necessary to cut your total calorie intake so that it is less than the daily calories you burn. Either by consuming less food or by including exercise, a calorie deficit can be gained. A combination of both diet changes and an exercise regimen will bring the expected results. Over time, our bodies adapt to the altered calorie level and our body becomes more efficient at using energy with the lowered metabolism.

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You can use weight loss calculators to determine the recommended daily calorie intake to reach the goal. Calorie deficit is the difference between your normal levels of calorie intake and whilst following your new diet. For example, if you normally consume around 2,500 calories per day to maintain your weight and if you drop to 2,000 calories per day as part of your new diet, you will have a calorie deficit of 500 calories. Under these circumstances, if you currently do no exercise, but begin light workout so that 100 calories are burned daily, then your deficit will become 600 calories.

Weight loss calculators help to evaluate individual calculations and facilitating the body to adapt to the changing food intake. Depending on your present metabolic rate, activity levels and health factors including hormones level, this amount will vary from person to person. As you begin to lose weight, you will need to re-calculate your calorie needs as a lower weight means fewer calories are burned in the following days.

The calculators serve as a guideline for estimating your weight loss goal. You have to estimate your current daily maintenance level and adjust the number of calories to the total. Fitness experts advise to aim for the fat loss in the daily calorie level. You should not attempt to drop your calories for a quick fix since this may ultimately backfire. It is better to arrive at the lowest calorie amount that could be considered for reaching a safe goal. It is better to lose weight by rigorous exercise than to starve without food.

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